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Among Us is an online multiplayer game developed by InnerSloth. It was initially released on June 15, 2018, but blew up to gain worldwide popularity earlier this year. It is a social deduction game based on a space theme where players are randomly assigned either of the two roles available, namely Among Us mod menu- crewmate or imposter. A game can have between one to three imposters.
With over 100 million downloads on the play store, it comes as no surprise that some fans have modified the game’s content and added several new features in the Among Us Mod menu.among us mod menuamong us mod menu


Introduction to Among Us Hack Mod Menu Apk :CLICK HEREAmong Us Mod Menu Apk Specifications:Among Us MOD APK FeaturesCool GraphicsNo Kill Cooldown is presentGhosts are visibleWall Hack FeatureInstant Kill Hack FeatureLighting HackUnlimited SkinsFeatures of Among Us Mod Menu Apk Hack:Among Us Mod Menu Additional Features:Gameplay DescriptionHow the Among Us Mod Menu Apk Improves Your Game –How to Download and Install Among Us Mod Menu APK?People Also Asked for: Among Us Mod Menu APK[[[[[DOWNLOAD Among us mod menu!!!!!!]]]]

Introduction to Among Us Hack Mod Menu Apk :

Among Us Mod Menu Apk Hack: Among as the name suggests is related to something among us, that thing is an Imposter. So, you need to find out the Saboteur who is among us(the players) in the space ship. To ready ship for departure and finish your space tour. Also, In this article, we are going to introduce a mod menu that will help you in being an imposter always and fake voting. Hence, Enhance the joy of playing this popular sci-fi game with your friends.


Download Among Us Mod Menu Apk v2020.11.17 with Latest Hack features. Always Imposter, No Ban, kill cool-down time disabled, Infinite Emergency Meetings, Complete Task, Auto Aim, Auto spot, Instant Kill, Know the Imposter, Wall and Speed hack. 
Besides, All pets, hats, and skins are unlocked.
Also, the beta version of this Among Us Mod is tested by our highly skilled developers and most valuable users.

Among Us Mod Menu Apk Specifications:

Name of Game
Among Us + Mod Menu Enabled

Compatible with
Android 5.1+

Latest version

Among Us Developer
Inner sloth LLC

Mod Feature
All Unlocked

Among Us Mod Pricing
Free Download

APK Download Size
77.02 MB

Science Fiction Game

Among Us MOD APK Featuresamong us mod menuamong us mod menu


Cool Graphics

Well, the graphics of Among Us are certainly not advanced or over-the-top. They are rather simple and cute in comparison to other space adventure games. But they look so great here. Sometimes, the simplest things are the best. And that’s exactly what has happened with Among Us. All the characters are designed in a very unique and distinguishable way. That’s why it becomes easy to identify them. Visit the game’s menu for adjusting the fps.

No Kill Cooldown is present

Yup, the Kill Cooldown feature has been removed from the mod apk which enables us to increase our number of kills.

Ghosts are visible

Remember what we told you about the Ghosts? Well, they are visible in the mod apk version of Among Us. They can’t hide from us. Additionally, you also have the power of watching the chats.

Wall Hack Feature

Among Us, mod apk contains the wallhack feature which allows the players to witness the activities of other players through any object or wall. This feature gives us an edge over the normal competitors.

Instant Kill Hack Feature

It certainly helps you if you are an Imposter. Just use this feature and finish all the other Crewmates. They will not know what hit them. It doesn’t give them even a fraction of time to react properly.

Lighting Hack

It doesn’t matter if the lights are out, the mod apk version enables you to see properly without the lights. Bottom line? No player can hide from us.

Unlimited Skins

Unlimited skins, hats, pets, and various other things have been bestowed to you in the mod apk version.

Features of Among Us Mod Menu Apk Hack:

Always Imposter: Besides, Enjoy always Being an imposter just by selecting always imposter hack in the Mod Menu Apk of Among Us. Also, you can know who is the imposter in the game with the help of this cheat.
No Ban: Most of the mod apk available on google get banned just within 3-4 days of install. But, we promise a no ban Among Us mod menu apk. You can rely on us for durability.
Quick Kill: Does it take time to kill players without getting in the eyes of other players in Among Us? Now, Kill quickly with blazing fast speed by using this mod menu apk hack.
Wall Hack: Just see through the walls to spot and see the crewmates across the walls of a space ship.
Fake Vote: After every round in Among Us game you need to vote for guessing the imposter. But, with the help of this mod menu hack you can easily cheat in voting by changing your vote.
Disabled Kill Cool Down Time: Now you won’t get frozen after killing someone while playing as an imposter. So, disable cool downtime from the mod menu and Enjoy the gameplay.
Auto Spot/Aim: Now, keep Surveillance on other crew members with the help of Cameras and maps in the mod menu. Also, Spot any other player and easily target them.
Complete Task: That is to say, You need to complete the space ship as fast as anyone else can. So, Complete the task /objectives of Among Us with this mod menu.

among us mod menuamong us mod menuamong us mod menu

Among Us Mod Menu Additional Features:

Speed hack to run faster
Unlock Skins of the pets and hats
Torchlight hack to see in dark corners and enhance visibility.
Download Among Us Slasher Mode Hack
Adjust body size
No, wait in Emergency Time
Best Map in Among Us
Select Ghost speed
Advertisement Disabled
Among Us Proximity Voice Mod Menu Apk
Chat Visibility always on for you
 You can send unlimited messages to your crew members.
Download Among Us Monster Mode

Gameplay Description

among us mod menuamong us mod menuamong us mod menu

If you do not know anything about this game and then let me give you a brief description of this game. The Among Us is a science-fiction murder mystery game that will surely thrill you when you play it. Innersloth is the developer of the game which is situated in the United States and you can easily play this game on PC, Andriod, and iOS. This game has definitely proved that a game does not need better graphics to become famous.

Download Latest version: Among Us Mod Menu Apk

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This game is based on a spaceship that is either above the Earth or any other planet. It contains crew members, and among them, 1-3 members are imposters who have to sabotage a ship and kill everyone. This game is one of the most loved games by the people during this quarantine. People are bored with the old games, and hence they love this super amazing Among Us game.

How the Among Us Mod Menu Apk Improves Your Game –

Although you can play the Among Us game, you can also play the Among Us mod Apk game, which will provide you the hacks of this game. These hacks can help you play this game efficiently and perform that function in the game, which others can not do. We know that you may doubt to download the mod Apk version but let me tell you the advantages of downloading the Among us Mod Menu Apk version –

If you download the Among Us mod Apk version, then, in that case, you will get no kill cooldown feature, which means that you can make an attack, This is one of the fantastic features which you will get in the mod Apk version.
If you want to know who the imposter is and want to see the ghosts then you should download the mod Apk version without any hesitation. You will become the hero among your crew teams if you are a crew member.
This special hack allows you to clear any hurdle and obstacle by having a glimpse through the wall and this will help you to kill your farthest enemy. You also get hats and pets to do show off among your crewmates and teammates.

Downloading and installation have never been easier than this, read the short guide below to understand the downloading and installation of the game for your different devices.among us mod menuamong us mod menu

How to Download and Install Among Us Mod Menu APK?

First of all, uninstall the installed Among Us in your Device
Now go to the download link which is present at the bottom of this article
Now click on the download link and download the mod apk on your device
Now click on the downloaded Among us Mod APK and install the app on your device
Now open the app and Enjoy the hack features for free.

People Also Asked for: Among Us Mod Menu APK

Q.1 Why Among us so popular?

Ans. You can play with your friends or family members which I think it is getting so popular in a very short period of time because it doubles the happiness.

Q.2 Is Among us Free to Install or Paid?

Ans. The Among us is absolutely free to install. No need to pay a single penny from your pocket to install this game.

Q.3 Is Among Us Cross-Platform?

Ans. Yes, no need to worry about devices, because it is cross-platform. You can play using any supported device and enjoy it with your friends.

Q.4 Can I play Among us Single or by myself?

Ans. You need at least 4 players to play this game. You can either invite your friends or you can play with random online people.

Q.5 Can I talk in Among us?

Ans. The answer is no, you can not talk among us but there is a chat system by using which you can discuss the game but you can not talk, only chat supported in this game.

Q.6 Will I get banned if I use the mod/hack version Among Us?

Ans. No, you will not get banned using our mod/hack version of among us apk.

Q.7 How do I change my name in Among Us Game?

Ans. You can change your name by below steps:-

First of all, open the game, and enter into the game by going online
Now at the Host Option, you will see the Name Box option
from there you can change the name of your character.

Q.8 Is this mod/hack safe to use?

Ans. yes, this is safe to use. There is no risk in using this.

Q.9 Why this game is so much demanding all over the world including the USA, UK, Canada, etc.?

Ans: The reason is why it is the most played game in the USA nowadays is the Gameplay. The gameplay of this game is so much unpredictable and playing with friends makes it more exciting. Also playing the Mod/hack version of Among us makes it more funny and enjoyable.

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