Battle Seven Kingdoms: Kingdom Wars2 Lands on Google Play | Hardcore Droid

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Old Wounds and New Faces

The sequel to the highly rated Kingdom Wars – Tower Defense is finally here. Korean developer Springcomes’ Battle Seven Kingdoms: Kingdom Wars2 succeeds its predecessor with a new graphic style, new units, and more options for strategy in combat.

The first thing veteran Kingdom Wars players will notice is a shift away from pixelated graphics to a more realistic style. Environment art and structures look more crisp, and units move more realistically.

A quick glance through the game’s trailer shows a wide variety of enemy and friendly units. These include foot soldiers, artillery, aerial attackers and more. The latter will give you a powerful edge in battle. Be wary, though– you won’t be the only one with powerful friends.

In fact, each enemy faction appears to have power players of their own. Whether it be the goblin colossus, the undead dragon or something even less savory, you’ll have to plan your battles according to which faction you’re fighting. You’ll also have to account for Kingdom Wars2’s new battle mechanics, which can completely shift the tide of battle. The new attack, defense and retreat mechanics change the player’s role entirely. Now, you not only have to oversee the deployment of units, but you also have to read the flow of battle in order to advise your units’ actions. If at some point you choose not to retreat, you may lose half your army. On the other hand, if you choose not to press your advantage and attack when the enemy army is weak, you may lose the battle entirely.

Kingdom Wars2 is a great entry point for a rookie tower defense player, while also offering a challenge for veterans. So prepare your army, rally your heroes, and set out to halt the invasion of all sorts of nefarious creatures. Check out Battle Seven Kingdoms: Kingdom Wars2 on the Google Play store, and keep an eye out for Hardcore Droid’s review.